#87 – [Mini Series #10] – Three Reasons You Should NOT be Tracking Your Food with Marissa

Marissa is BACK with the mini-series. This week, she will get into three reasons that you may want to reconsider tracking your macros! S2E35

([0:00]) – Intro

([2:15]) – Tracking Makes You Think About Food 24/7

([4:16]) – When Tracking Makes You Feel More Restrictive

([7:20]) – A History of Binge/Restrict Patterns

([9:25]) – Tracking Food Is Not Black & White

([10:05]) – Anxiety Around Tracking Macros

([11:35]) – How Accurate Should You Be If You DO Track?

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Hosted by: @marissaroyfitness & @christilynnfit

Producer: @shane_spellman

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