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Empowering you to challenge the cookie-cutter approach to fitness with sustainable change.

Needing more direction in your fitness journey? Are you ready to dive in and make lasting change with sustainable habits?

Hello and welcome!

I’m Marissa, owner and founder of Permanent Change Coaching, and I am an online health & fitness coach with a passion for helping others reach their fitness goals, no matter how many times they have tried in the past.

With a background in neuroscience, 6+ years as a coach, and a current master’s student in applied exercise science, my team and I combine our knowledge, the latest scientific studies, & experience coaching thousands of individuals to successfully guide you to your goals!

Our mission is to educate you throughout our time working together so that you are equipped to challenge yourself through nutrition & training for the rest of your life.

You have a general idea of what you need to do -
eat healthy and work out.

But how do you actually stay consistent and not fall off track?
How do you stay motivated and stick to new habits?
How do you know what’s true and what’s BS with fitness info online?
What does “balance” really look like for you?

Understandably, you’re feeling stuck. But you want to do this whole fitness thing the right way.

It’s time to try a different route – the sustainable route.

Full Service Coaching
(Diet + Training)

Are you ready to FINALLY gain confidence in a balanced approach to fitness that lasts longer than a month or two? Let’s toss the fads and quick fixes into the trash and get you on board with a program that puts the frustration to a halt.

In our online coaching packages, you get custom training, nutrition, weekly check-ins, resources – and that’s just the beginning!

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