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"I always felt seen and understood by Marissa. Throughout the entire process, she shared her knowledge with me and I learned so much. I no longer feel defeated. Now, I feel empowered and in control. I lost almost 20 pounds and several inches, and I feel toned and strong.

The biggest takeaway I had from working with Marissa is that working out doesn’t have to be all-consuming, but it does need to be a consistent part of my life. Similarly, foods aren’t good or bad, and all foods can be worked into a healthy diet."



It has been exactly 1 year since I picked up my phone and sent a message to the ‘PCC’ person that I had gotten information on through a mutual friend. Tired of working out every day and thinking I was eating clean with really no results and no accountability, just inner frustration and disappointment, it was time to try something new.

This is probably some know it all kid who can’t wait to charge me $$ in return for a few motivational words and tell me how great they are.” was my first thought. I was wrong, very wrong.

Marissa’s approach has been fantastic, flexible, and understanding. I am extremely happy with my progress and looking forward to continuing the journey. I am happy to admit that I have learned a lot and hopefully Marissa gained a tip or two. I cannot express how highly I recommend her.”


While I saw results physically, the biggest change for me was mentally. My well-being changed throughout the 12 weeks and I didn’t realize how toxic I was for myself until the transformation.

Before working with Marissa, it was all about what I shouldn’t be eating and feeling guilty for ever having something that I was craving that wasn’t ‘healthy.’ I justified it by telling myself that it was summer and, in the fall, I would start eating cleaner and cutting calories.

Marissa helped me to focus on quality of eating and not quantity. Tracking my macros wasn’t about dieting, but rather focusing on making healthier, sustainable choices and taking the negative conscience out of dieting!”

Full Service Custom Coaching (Diet + Training)

Ideal for anyone struggling in their fitness journey or frustrated with a lack of results from other programs or doing it on their own. For anyone who is ready to dive in full force with sustainable habits!

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