My SECRET to Reaching ANY Fitness Goal

Reaching the goals you set for yourself has little-to-nothing to do with whether or not you are actually capable of them.

If you’ve been reading/listening to/consuming my content for a while, you’ll already know my stance on this: the battle is primarily in your MIND.

Are you ready?

Here’s my secret…

Reach ANY fitness goal you set out for yourself by…

Developing a strong sense of self-confidence and self-worth.

That’s it.

Yep, it’s THAT simple.

Don’t believe me yet? Okay fine, fine. Let me tell you why:

The body follows the mind.

When you believe you are capable of something, the body’s actions will follow.

For example, a client who has a strong sense of belief that they can carry out a weight loss goal will follow through on their belief by sticking to their diet despite temptations by food or changes in plans or schedule.
They do this because they feel, deep in their core, that their actions will lead directly to their outcomes.
They also believe that they are worthy of achieving this goal, and therefore will act in ways that manifest the goal coming to life.

They speak about themselves like this:
I am someone who follows through on a goal I have set.”
“I will stick to my diet despite temptations.”
“I will make it to the gym on X, Y, and Z days.”
“I will make sure I reach my goal by the date I set out.”

A client who has the same goal but lacks a strong sense of self-worth may not believe that they are worthy of achieving their desired result.

They speak with phrases like:
“I hope I will be skinnier by summer time.”
“I’ll try to stick to my diet.”
“I wish I wasn’t so lazy so I could get to the gym more.”

Sound familiar?

Because they speak about themselves in this way, they continue to believe that they are not capable of doing things like making it to the gym, or making healthy choices with their diet.

They believe the lies they are telling themselves and follow through on those lies. These clients will self-sabotage and will be confused as to why they keep shooting themselves in the foot.

Does this feel like something you’ve experienced?
That no matter how hard you try to reach a certain goal, “life happens” keeps happening?

Without shooting yourself in the foot, you’d probably be way farther along on your current goals.

So how do you stop self-sabotaging?
How do we develop this magical self-confidence that no one seems to have anymore?

You have to stop wishing, hoping, and trying.
You have to start DOING.

It’s possible, I promise…
But it’s going to take conscious WORK and EFFORT on a daily basis. It’s going to be harder than eating healthy and working out, because you’re essentially going to be rewiring your brain and the way you think about everything in life.

From there, your mind will teach your body how to just DO… and not hope for things to happen without action.

If you’re up for the challenge… I’ve got some steps for you to take.



  • Every time you catch yourself self-deprecating (talking down to or about yourself), whether it be out loud or silently, stop and counter the thought or phrase with two positive compliments to yourself.
    • They can be about anything! The first compliment is to cancel out the negative comment, and the second is to put you into a positive state of mind.
      • This task comes in two steps – first, learning to be aware of the way you speak to yourself. You will be shocked to realize how mean you probably are to yourself.
      • The second step is forcing yourself to repeat positive affirmations, EVEN IF you don’t believe them at first. I promise, with time, it will get easier and you will believe the compliments to yourself more and more (because they’re TRUE!).
  • Practice positive affirmations with “I am someone who” phrases.
    • When you identify yourself as someone who does or doesn’t do something it helps engrain the identity and therefore thought process in you.
      • Think about someone who is quitting smoking. When offered a cigarette, is it more powerful to say:
        • “No thank you, I am quitting smoking.”
        • “No thank you, I am not a smoker.” (obviously this one!)
  • Think about where your negative thought patterns come from.
    1. Did you grow up with your parents fat-shaming you and/or others?
    2. Did you grow up in a sport that required very lean physiques to compete (gymnastics, dance)
    3. Did you grow up in a family full of body-or beauty-conscious females?
    4. What sort of TV shows and media did you grow up watching or still watch to this day?
    5. What sort of accounts do you follow on social media? Skinny supermodels? Or body positive accounts?
      1. Acknowledge that YOU CHOOSE your social media filter. No one hits the “follow” or “unfollow” button except for you. Take responsibility for that and go unfollow accounts that make you doubt your self-worth.

Do these things consistently, and I promise, you will start to develop a stronger sense of self.

You will start to believe the positive things you tell yourself, and you will start to act on those positive affirmations.

You will start carrying out actions toward your goals because you feel worthy of achieving them.

You will see the results from your initial actions and this will confirm those beliefs you had set.

You will start to undo years and years of negative thought patterns and beliefs.

You will start to shed layers of self-doubt, hatred, and negativity that are long overdue, and you will start to become the strongest, most badass, self-efficacious, best version of YOU.

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