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June 2020: What if I told you that you have the power to control your own happiness, self-confidence, and self-worth?

What if I told you that you have they keys to your own happiness?

Hey, friend. Today’s newsletter is based off a post I made a few weeks ago that you can read here.

I have this conversation with a number of my clients about this topic, and continue to discuss mindset with clients on a regular basis.


Because mindset really is… everything.

Without a strong mind, and the knowledge that you can determine your own outcomes in life, obstacles will knock you over. Road blocks will make you turn around and go backward. You will become a victim to what happens to you.

But you’re not a victim. So if you give up when the first sign of difficulty presents itself, I’m talking to you.

I had one client who asked me if it was ‘normal’ to have negative feelings flood their mind despite having a good week on paper. She had crushed all her workouts, eaten all her vegetables, drank all her water.

The week was seemingly perfect… so why was she still having doubts? Negative thoughts? Moments of low self-confidence?

As human beings, we experience a wide variety of emotions, thoughts and feelings that cross our minds and hearts, thousands of times a day.

We will feel fear, sadness, joy, anxiety, excitement, worry, self-confidence, or the lack thereof, and so much more.

We will feel these things in varying degrees of magnitude depending on our circumstances, but we are NEVER immune to feeling certain emotions.

Regardless of how “good” you’re doing on any journey, no matter how perfect of a body, job, or life you may have, the doubts will creep in. Negative thoughts will surface.

No one is immune.

Successful people are people who look at those negative thoughts and feelings, and decide in that moment not to allow them to hold value.

Successful people are the people who take these thoughts and figuratively toss them aside, and take action despite:
Fear of failure
Fear of being judged
Fear of disappointing others
Fear of not being good enough
Not believing one is worthy enough to achieve a certain goal
Not believing one is capable of achieving a goal

Successful people act despite doubt, fear, anxiety and worry.

The only people who are incapable of feeling certain emotions are psychopaths or sociopaths.

We all feel fear. We all feel anxiety and worry about reaching out goals.

It’s truly what we do with that fear and how we react to it that defines us.

The point I want to drive home to you:

It is your choice to assign value to the emotions and thoughts that pass you by.

It is your choice to allow your feelings to debilitate you from reaching your goals or not.

Negative thoughts and emotions might invade your mind, but you can choose to give them weight and prevent you from progressing, or to let them pass.

Positive thoughts and emotions that encourage us to pursue our goals will also be present, and far too many of us decide to dismiss these regularly.

You might be deep into really bad habits of dismissing positive thoughts, feelings and emotions about yourself, who you are and what you’re capable of.
If you relate to this, I feel for you.
You deserve much better than this.
You deserve to be nice to yourself, inside and out.

Changing the way you talk to yourself and act despite your feelings is going to be a long process, but you can do it.

But remember, your thoughts and emotions do not inherently define you.

You are not a victim of your circumstances.

Your instinctive reaction does not have to be your only and final reaction.

The reactions you choose to have and weight you choose to assign to your thoughts and emotions DO define you.

What you end up doing despite your thoughts and emotions is a choice.

These are conscious, daily choices that you CAN make.

Your self-confidence, your happiness, and what you achieve in life, it is ultimately all up to you and only you.

Today, I challenge you to take one small action despite a looming negative thought or doubt you may be having.

  • It could be starting that workout program that’s been sitting idle on your desk for three months now.
  • It could be applying for the job you know you would enjoy more than what you’re doing now.
  • It could be making that one phone call you’ve been losing sleep over.
  • It could be getting out of bed, showering and getting dressed for the day, even though you could really stay under the covers all day long.

Today I challenge you to just do that one thing, to prove to yourself that you can take action despite the thoughts that may currently cloud your mind.
That you are capable.
That you are worthy.
That you are powerful.
That you are strong.

& that you can keep making these small choices every moment of every day, and that they will add up into something monumental and amazing down the road.

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