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July 2019: Travel & Stay on Track

TIP #1

Set realistic expectations.

Let’s say you’re in a dieting phase, meaning your daily calories are a deficit. The
likelihood of you being able to find options on-the-go that will consistently cater to
your deficit are very slim. Not saying it’s impossible, and the more you pack and
prepare for your trip, the easier it will be. But if you’re not bound to a hard deadline,
the stress of packing might not be worth it to you.

My suggestion is simple: Aim to take NO steps backwards on your trip. Aim to
maintain your current progress and continue on with your goals as normal once you
return home.

Having the right mindset when going into a trip (especially when most trips revolve
around food to some capacity) can drastically alter the way you handle yourself in the
Tip #2

Order Smarter.

If you follow my instagram page, you will know that I do a monthly highlight of
different restaurants that offers tips on how to “order smarter” on-the-go.

Summing up “Ordering Smarter”
– Order simple entrees that include a lean protein source
– Ask for sauces, oils, and dressings all on the side
– Use half the bread for sandwiches and enjoy it open-faced
– Always get grilled rather than fried
– Order a side of vegetables rather than french fries

& remember… no one is forcing you to finish your entire plate!!
Tip #3

Listen to Your Hunger Signals

It sounds so rudimentary, but as a diligent macro tracker and bodybuilder for the past 4years, it is ingrained in me to eat at certain times of the day and to always finish my
plate. However, this is NOT the choice to make on an unstructured trip or vacation.

I’ve learned from traveling almost every weekend these past few months that doing so
is going to result in unnecessary weight gain, because food choices will more than
likely be calorically dense.

You are ALLOWED to say “NO.”

Wait to eat in the morning until you are hungry. You don’t HAVE to eat a full breakfast just because it’s a certain time of day. Wait to go search for food until you are hungry.
If you are with others, and they’re hungry and you’re not, you can opt to share an
entree, keep portion sizes small, or just taste bites of others’ food.

When you ARE hungry and order food, don’t feel obligated to lick your plate clean. Eat slowly, until you feel full but not stuffed. Food is meant to be ENJOYED. If it isn’t a
food that makes you say “HECK YES”, you don’t need to stuff your face with it.
Tip #4  Stay Hydrated and Active

Drink lots of water throughout your trip to ensure that you’re not eating out of thirst or
boredom. Adequate water will also facilitate normal digestion, and flush excess sodium and grease from your system so you don’t feel as bloated from eating foods you’re not
used to having.

Opt to walk more. Park farther from the entrance. Take the stairs rather than the
elevator. Walk around town and window shop in your spare time. If you can make it
to the gym or your hotel has a gym, squeeze in a quick session.

MOVEMENT is key. You don’t have to be 100% on-program to still choose to expend energy.
Tip #5   Allow Yourself to Indulge 10-20% of the Time.

If you’re in a cutting phase, lean toward 10% and if you’re in a maintenance or growth
phase, lean toward 20%. You are MEANT to experience new and different foods when
you travel.

One “BAD” meal doesn’t make you fat just like one “GOOD” meal won’t make you

One or two meals to completely enjoy on a week-long vacation is totally warranted.
One nice meal on a weekend trip as well. Make sure that this meal doesn’t turn into a
cheat DAY or DAYS and you will be fine.

Pass on indulging at the stop on the side of the road for your favorite fast food chain,
pass on over-eating at the quick lunch stop in-between activities, but say YES to the
family-owned restaurant unique to the town you are visiting with the menu everyone
raves about.

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