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March 2019: Easy Diet Swaps to Gear Yourself Toward Fat Loss

This month, I am going to STOP talking about New Year’s Resolutions and start shifting gears… because SPRING and SUMMER are around the corner. This means almost everyone is going to enter cutting season, and I want to make your transition as easy as possible. This month’s newsletter is going to be all about diet and nutrition changes you can make for easier, better fat loss.

Swap Sugar Free for Full Sugar

Soda, Coffee Syrup and Creamer, Pancake Syrup, Ketchup

Swap Fat-Free and Low Fat for Full Fat Foods

Cheese, Milk, Yogurt, Cottage Cheese, Salad Dressings, Meats (use low fat cuts), Turkey Bacon (instead of real bacon)

When eating out, here are some tips for how to order smarter…

With salads, always ask for dressing on the side
Eat half the bread on your sandwich or burger – make it open faced!
Get meat and veggies steamed or grilled instead of fried
Ask for your food cooked without butter or oil Order a side of veggies or side salad instead of fries

REMEMBER: Just because something is “healthy” doesn’t mean it will help you lose weight 

Remember that calories in vs calories out and managing your macronutrient ratios is the name of the game. You might think you’re eating in a way conducive to fat loss, but unless you are SURE of the numbers you are putting into your body, you might not be on track for as much progress as you think!

Check out these comparisons of commonly ordered “healthier swaps”. You might think you’re ordering healthy – but what really matters is how everything you ordered adds up in the end.

Make sure you are following the 80/20 rule within flexible dieting and fueling your body with mainly whole-food sources. Eating so-called “bad” foods in moderation is OKAY!

There is no reason to throw yourself way off the wagon because you ate something “unhealthy”, or even something that puts you over your calorie or macro goals for the day. The best thing you can do in these situations is stay as on-track as POSSIBLE! Maybe you went ten grams over your fat goal. Maybe even twenty or thirty – but is saying “Screw It” and eating even MORE going to make that better? NO! Keep everything in moderation, even when you splurge, and you will see far more success by the time summer rolls around.

Did you know that I offer diet-only coaching? Just like all the tips I gave you above, my diet coaching is based on IIFYM, or “flexible dieting”, and is the most sustainable, maintainable way to get you to your physique goals without sacrificing your favorite foods or social life. 

Make your diet fit into your LIFE, don’t constantly be struggling to make your life fit your diet!

I am here to help. Contact me through my website or email ( and we can get started on this journey together!

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