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January 2020: Sustainable Change for Maintainable Results

My mission for 2020 is all about using the right method for each client’s success, wellbeing and enjoyment in their fitness journey.

My services have never been “one-size-fits-all” …

BUT lately I’ve realized that utilizing macro tracking as a coaching tool is just that – ONE tool in my toolbox.

In the earlier phases of my business, I relied too heavily on tracking macros as the end-all-be-all method for clients reaching their goals.

Don’t get me wrong- tracking macros WORKS and I’ve had great success with hundreds of clients throughout my years of owning my business.

Tracking macros teaches you a lot about what’s in the food you eat, what portion sizes look like, and for many individual, helps to establish lifelong healthy habits.

However, tracking macros long-term can become cumbersome and tedious, and can lead to individuals ignoring their innate hunger and fullness sensations for the sake of hitting number targets at the end of each day.

Let’s get things straight first – I am not “anti” tracking macros.

Using a food scale has inherent value.

Tracking your intake to develop nutritional awareness also has inherent value.

Hitting daily macro goals is ideal for a specific time and place in many people’s journeys.

But WHEN IS that time? & how does protocol now change for those who do not need to be hyper-aware of their food intake?

It IS appropriate for you to hit specific macros if:
– You have a specific goal
– Your goal is tied to a deadline
– The changes you need to make by that time warrant high levels of restraint

It ISN’T necessary for you to hit specific macros if:
– You just want to feel better in your skin
– You want to develop healthier habits
– You have a goal, but there is not significant pressure on the deadline
– You are brand new to any healthy lifestyle change

I’ve found that individuals who are just learning what a macro is most often have a very difficult time hitting numbers to a tee, not because of their experience level, but because of the differences in the lifestyles we live. How often we eat out, how much we prefer changing up our food sources when cooking, and how much we seek novelty in food and recipes plays a big role in how well one might be adherent to macro tracking.

I’ve found that sometimes just having someone weigh and track their intake without goals is enough to spark accountability and progress.

Other clients thrive without using any numbers at all, and just need to hit a required number of portions for protein and vegetables throughout the day.

Sometimes, I will have clients track all their intake and hit within a calorie range and reach a protein minimum, lessening any stress on tracking carbs and fats to a tee.

A lot of different approaches will work for one individual. But what’s best for one person will be different than what’s best for another. This is why as a coach, I’ve been expanding my toolbelt and have really been diving into personal discussions with my clients on what is going to be the best approach for them and their lives.

My coach-client relationships are collaborative, not just one-sided.

My clients take part in the decision making process when it comes to their nutrition and training.

I am excited to bring these discoveries and skills into my NEW coaching relationships in 2020.

As we begin the New Year and you embark on your fitness journey for the first, fifth, or fiftieth time, I encourage you to look for credible guidance.

It doesn’t need to be me. This isn’t a hard pitch. There are lots of good coaches out there who can give you the results you want.

I urge you to find a coach or mentor that allows your voice to be heard, and is open to hearing your opinions on their protocol.

If you’re doing this on your own, I encourage you to follow, consume content and learn from individuals who back up the information they put on the internet with credible sources. I encourage you to ask questions, be skeptical, and constantly question the information online.

Start off your year right by controlling who influences you on social media. Go through the list of who you’re following, and UNFOLLOW everyone who does not bring value or positive thoughts to you when you consume their content. You will be amazed at how this can change your productivity and self image!

If you’ve gotten this far in this newsletter, I want to leave you with this:
There is NO SINGLE METHOD to success in your fitness journey.

The method that’s right for you is the method you can stick to and enjoy.

We live in a time of fad diet culture and crazy extremes, but most often, the solution for your fitness goals will fall somewhere in the middle.

You CAN and WILL find balance, happiness AND results in a method of diet and training that feels natural to you.

If working with me IS something that’s been on your mind, here is my final note:

My coaching services adapt to the individual, not the other way around.
If hiring someone for reaching your goals is something you hesitate about because you don’t know if you will be able to adhere to the plan, just know that my methods are now centered around figuring out what you might adhere to with the most ease. I do have space for new clients and especially if you have read this entire article, would absolutely LOVE to have you as a client this year. You can reach out and inquire by clicking here!

Happy New Year!

With Love,


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